Tuesday, June 10, 2014

All about JoJo

So I post a lot about the Drama Queen, but not so much about my other baby (my fur baby). JoJo was my 1st child. I adopted her in 2000. She was 3. I had my 1st apt & went a year without a cat & it was horrible. Because I lived in an apt I ended up with JoJo because I had to adopt a declawed cat. We've been through a lot together. She's always made me smile, whenever I was down. She's the bright spot in my day. She's very easy going.

She loves shoes & every night around 9:00, she wakes up & gets ready to listen to us read a book to Tara. She's been doing that since she was a baby. She is going to be 17 in June. She is starting to lose weight & is having trouble jumping up on things. So I'm thinking that she isn't going to be around that much longer. So I'm getting cuddle time in with her as much as I can, since she's a lap kitty.

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