Monday, February 24, 2014

My computer is driving me crazy

Well I was going to do a Mommy & Me Monday post today, but for some reason I can't add photos. My computer has been acting so screwy. It kicks me off in the middle of something. It says Lost Broadband connection. I think we need a new router. Who knows when we will get 1. So I haven't been doing long blog posts because of my computer. I get on to do a post & get kicked off. It's frustrating. I hate doing a post with no photos. Anyway, It's school vacation this week. Today we went food shopping & did some errands. Kept busy. We have appointments, going to the movies & to the mall this week. I've been wanting to get to Ulta & Lush. Also have been wanting to go to some crafting stores. I finally got my Florida photos printed (most of them anyway), so I want to work on those. I realized last night that I was missing some stickers & things. They were still in my bag from November when we went to Vermont. I have a bunch of beachy stickers & some FL 1s too.

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