Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting healthy/into shape is hard

I got an eliptical machine in March & started using Sensa. I've put on about 5 pounds. Plus I have IBS, so my stomach is more bloated than ever. I've been really frustrated. I went for my yearly check up today & my doctor told me to cut out all sugar & carbs. I love both. I can't do the fake sugars because they give me a headache & make me dizzy. I feel like I eat somewhat healthy. I have cereal for breakfast (I have like 10 different types) & usually eat salad for lunch. I eat yogurt with fruit & granola. My doc said not to eat yogurt because of the sugar & no fruit (I'm very picky & only like a few fruits anyway. We are going strawberry picking next Tuesday I was thinking of all the smoothies & fake strawberry shortcakes I would make). I feel like I'm eating healthy, but I'm really not. I have no energy & feel like I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I nap most days. The doctor said to try cutting out sugar or cut down & see if I have more energy. Also to exercise everyday instead of 3x a week. I'm hoping to get back into pilates (I did it today), plus the eliptical & bike riding might help. I am also going to be seeing a nutritionist again in July. I guess it takes baby steps & one day at a time. Little changes each day & cutting out foods & cutting down.


sprinkles said...

Good luck to you in your quest to get healthy! It really is hard. It's too bad we don't live closer, we could exercise together.

I buy healthy foods, but tend to not eat as much and end up throwing it away when it rots. The problem is that I also buy the not so healthy foods and prefer to eat that instead.

I really should go see a nutritionist one of these days. I bloat a LOT too! When I brought it up to a dr. in January, she just said to stay away from salt. I feel like it's a lot more than that though. I don't have a lot of energy either and often feel drained.

I'm sorry you have IBS. I've heard it can be really painful.

B. Jenkins said...

Best wishes to you. I know the struggles and highs and low all to well. Just stick through it! Stopping in from SITS.