Sunday, November 18, 2012

New England Minute~Vermont

This is my friends cute house in VT where we stayed.

We went to a cute little town called Woodstock. I loved the shops & we ate at an awesome restaurant called Bentley's.

 This store below was really cute. It had tons of things in it in every nook. They even had a cute deck with tons of things on it & white lights with a great view of a river or brook.

This is me with my friends out to eat.

It was very sad to see all the damage from Hurricane Irene. We saw houses that had fallen over & an Inn with a hole through the middle from the river busting threw it. I didn't get any photos of that. It's different when you see it in person. Lots of people lost their houses & a few people lost their lives. My friend was up there at the time when it was going on. You could see how high the water had risen, on the sides of the river & all the trees that had fallen down & rock slides too still there. I remember seeing part of the highway on the news that the ground had fallen in. We drove over a bridge & I think that was the spot. It still says to drive slow over it. Along the way you would see old light gray pavement & then see darker new pavement where the ground had fallen in. So sad.

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