Saturday, January 21, 2012

4 & 1/2

Today Tara turned 4 & 1/2. I really can't believe it. She's grown so much since she started school in September. She can write all her letters & is counting all-the-time (her fave # right now is 99. No, she can't count to 99, but she likes that # a lot).

She's really into make-up/nail polish & Barbie, ballet dancing & reading make-up blogs. She loves Pirate's booty, pretzels & knock knock jokes. She wants to be a doctor & a teacher. She wants to dress pretty all-the-time & wear dresses everyday (so much for the 20 pairs of jeans that we got from freecycle). She's also stubborn, moody & sensitive & worries a lot (just like her Mom). She's so much like me & also a Cancer (Moonchild). She has lots of attitude & wants to do things on her own now & steals my jewelry & hides it/loses it on me. Age 3 till now have been the hardest so far, but hopefully 5 will be our best age so far.

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