Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordish Wednesday~Drive by shooting

Photo shooting that is. Today we went to our friend's house & on the way there I noticed a house, with a wall of pumpkins. I thought it was so cute & mentioned it to my friend. She said at night they light them all up. She also told me that 1 of the houses did a pumpkin wall & the neighbor across the street decided to do a wall too. So on the way home I looked at the house across the street.

This is the other house.

So much fun. I love living in New Hampshire.


Jennifer said...

WOAH! These people take their pumpkin-ing seriously! LOL! I can't even bring myself to BUY a pumpkin at the grocery store, let alone buying a carload-full! LOL! Those are fantastic pumpkin scapes!

Charlotte said...

So pretty :) I love everything about the fall so the pumpkin walls are right up my alley!