Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What day is it?

photo via we heart it

My days are all thrown off this week. Hubby is home & working on the kitchen floor. Nothing is going right for him. I almost fell into the open vent in the kitchen. Well it's really small, but only I could fall in (only 1 of my feet did). I also thought I broke my toe last night on a box of porcelin floor tiles. It still hurts, but I could move it right after, so I knew it wasn't broken. I stepped in some red chalk that A used to make a line for the tiles & there are red chalk footprints on 1 of the layers of the flooring (it will be underneath, but I figured I'd warn him before he saw it). Oops. So that's been my week so far. Tomorrow is Tara's 1st field trip to Home depot. They really didn't give details. I think it might be some type of workshop. She's excited, even though she's been to H depot 2x today & 3x yesterday with A.

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