Friday, January 7, 2011

1st day of pre-school

Today was T's 1st day of pre-school. We had originally planned on her going to school this September, but there was an opening at her friend's school for just Fridays. She did so good. Of course her friend ran up to her & hugged her, so that made things better. Also we knew the Mom that was volunteering today & she's really nice. It was hard to leave, but I was relieved that things were okay & she didn't cry.

It was only for 2 hrs, but I came home & cleaned & organized (I LOVE cleaning & organizing when no one is home). After I picked her up, I took her out to lunch & her friend from school & my Mom friend met us at McDonald's. The girls got matching dogs in their Happy Meal & it was a fun day.


Colleen said...

We're going to visit a preschool next week. I can't believe my baby girl is going to preschool in the fall! I'm glad it was such a great day for you guys. I'll be the one crying when my babe goes on her first day!

KatieMay said...

So glad she had such a great first day. It was a big day for you too Momma! Congrats!!

GabbyRM said...

Sounds like a good first day!

wally's girl said...

Goodness, I feel so proud of my Goddaughter, and for my bff for being such a trooper for day number one!
<3 Laura (T's auntie :))