Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre-school decision

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We finally narrowed down our decision for pre-schools. We have 2 that we like. One of them I already did a tour of, but I am calling on Monday to schedule a tour for Anthony & I to do. I'm scheduling a tour of 2 schools for this week. I'm really excited. I can't wait for her to go to school. All of her friends that go already love it. So I'm glad that we decided which ones that we like.
Bad news, I can't find the envelopes that go to the photo X-mas cards that we have. I was organizing some clothes yesterday & T kept grabbing the cards & envelopes. So I have to try to find them. I already mailed out a bunch of them.


Colleen said...

Preschool~I'm already stressing out about it, and its not for another 10 months. One of my top choices is already waitlisting for next September. Who knew you needed to start preschool hunting the day the kids were born? Good luck with the final choice!

KatieMay said...

T is going to love preschool! Lady M does :) Hope you find your envelopes. I just ordered my cards today. Still can't believe they were free :)