Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bucket list for Summer 2010

I've seen this on a few different blogs & thought I would do my own bucket list. Here is my list.

Read 1 book
Go to the lake & have a picnic
Go to the park & get Gelato
Go to Dairy queen
Check out a local castle
Go to Hampton beach
Get a new tattoo
Fly a kite
Watch fireworks
Make a root beer float
Have smores in our homemade firepit
Sleep in a tent in our yard
Go to a Farmers market
Go to a concert
Go on a boat
Go on our Canoe
Splash park
Have Tara's professional 3 year photos done
Go to Boston
Have another Date night with my hubby
Lay on our hammock
Go to Canobie lake park
Make Sangria or margaritas

To be continued...


sprinkles said...

Great list!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I keep saying I am going to do a bucket list... then I don't. Thst is my project this weekend! Your list is great!

Andrea said...

Mmmm...gelato...Heavenly. Unfortunately, I live in the sticks and I don't even think people have HEARD of gelato, much less have a place to sell it. :o) Thanks for checkin' me out!

Nichole said...

Hey! I just found out my town (you know the one, lol) has a farmer's market now on Wednesdays! Yay!