Tuesday, April 27, 2010

June vacay

We finally booked our vacay for my birthday in June. I'm really excited to get away. It's not far, but it will be nice to get away overnight. This is the B&B that we are staying at.

This is our room that we will be in.

They have gourmet breakfast in the morning. We'll be doing some shopping, eating, drinking, walking etc...


Angelica said...

I am so jealous! It looks beautiful, you are going to have a good time!
Have you been away from your little queen overnight yet?

sprinkles said...

I wanna go away overnight! A friend invited me to go away with her on a conference last weekend. It was a whole weekend-long thing. I asked her what I would do while she was gone all day and she said I could read a book or watch tv. I told her I could do that at home. If I was going away somewhere, I wanted to do something I couldn't do at home. She then suggested I go shopping at Target. Again, something I could do at home! Well, if I had a job I could. She got mad at me. So yeah, I didn't go. Sorry, but sitting in a hotel room reading a book all day does not sound like a fun way to pass the day! Plus I had no one to care for my little dogs since I couldn't bring them with me.

If you're going away for your b-day, what do you do for Anthony's b-day? Do you go away for his too?

ATL Mom GUide said...

That looks so cute! So jealous