Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hockey girl

I was in TJ Maxx last week & saw a cute Strawberry shortcake hockey stick & puck. I had to get it for T. She likes to play hockey in the kitchen with her bowls. My Dad played hockey for years (he was a referee), so I thought it was cute for her to have her own stick.


Tia said...

Cute! I got my son a batman one from there, he loves it!

blueviolet said...

How adorable and she really does look pleased with it!

wally's girl said...

..maybe one day she and I can play a little hockey when she gets older. I used to take my bro's hockey stick(he never used it) and go to the commons across from my yard and try to play with some of the boys when a part of the comman was overfilled with ice from the snow. I should have taken the stick and puck when I moved from Lynn (I regret not doing that; kind of miss it).

<3, Laura (T's godmom)