Friday, July 31, 2009

Traveling blues

When I was younger I use to travel all the time. To visit friends in other states & pen pals, to go to concerts, follow bands. Now we stay local & just go to the New England states. I've been to all of them a ton of times. Also the whole East coast & a ton of other places. Lately I've been getting itchy to go somewhere, but I'm a sahm & don't have the $. I really want to go to SITScation. I haven't been to Vegas since 98. Are any of you going? Also since I'm turning 40 next year, I'd like to go somewhere fun. I was thinking of Montreal, but my friend in VA mentioned us having a 40th party there (she turns 40 Aug of next year). I have a ton of friends there & some family. So I'm trying to decide & have a while. What are your fave places that you've been to? I love so many places. I spent my summers in VA with my best friend Kim & her twin & really miss it. I always wanted to move there & wish I was Southern. I love Vegas, Memphis, Atlanta, Montreal, Quebec city & Niagra falls. Places I don't like so much that I've been to (please don't be offended if you live there. haha), NYC, MI & Hawaii (Honolulu. It was rainy & windy there I'd like to go back someday & give it another chance). Places that I haven't been yet that I would like to visit are London, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Maui, Savannah, Texas (I've only been to the airport there), The Mall of America (someday I'll get there), A few places in FL that I've never been to like Miami, Key west, Ft Lauderdale. My goal years ago was to go to every state someday. I've been to half so far.

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