Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy day

I just found out that my friend Peg in VA is hoping to come visit this Summer since we can't go there this year. I'm so excited. I met her on myspace in 03 & haven't seen her since 06. We met up in Atlantic city. We've also decided to go to Bar Harbor, Maine for a few days for my b-day & then North Conway for a few days. We're going to stay at the same b&b that we stayed at last year. Fun fun fun.


Miss Eve said...

Sounds like fun! I've also met on Myspace with one of my best friend :-) So I totally get you. Hope you have a great day, love: Evi

Mommy of Many said...

its nice to get together with friends you don't see often. Nice blog.

visiting from sits

tammy said...

Sounds like a fun summer lining up for you! :)

Stopping by from SITS. I am sick and tired of the rain and gloomy days, too! (in Maryland!) I did see a few flashes of sun today, though. ;)

Shawn said...

Hey there! Just wanted to stop on over and let you know that I am trying to get a blogger get-together going!

Read about it on my blog!
Hope you can come!